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A kind way to remove unwanted hair, waxing pulls hair out of the follicle giving you a long lasting result. Available for Women and Men. We use hot wax and cream wax depending on the area to be treated.

For Men

Back Wax
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Permanent Hair Removal

This treatment involves shooting light pulses on the part of the body to be depilated using a wavelength spectrum matched to the skin and hair type. The light energy is immediately converted into heat by the melanin (pigment) in the hair. This is channelled along the shaft of the hair down to the root and the underlying germ cells. The thermal reaction here causes irreversible damage to the nutrient cells of the hair root which are now unable to produce any more hairs.

Treatment Consultation & Costs

Before beginning IPL treatment, a full consultation and patch test on the area to be treated is required. This is completely FREE OF CHARGE and any questions or concerns can be addressed at this time. For most treatments, a course of 6 treatments is the minimum recommended.

Treatment prices start at £35 and depend on the area to be treated and how. £35 will cover hair removal on smaller areas such as lip and chin. For full back and shoulders for men, the cost is usually £120 per session.

Please note: If the area to be treated has been exposed to sun and has achieved a tan, IPL will bleach the tan out of that area if treated. For this reason, we will not carry out IPL treatments on any tanned area of skin. We recommend that areas such as face or legs are treated during the cooler, Winter months and when the treatment area will not be exposed to the sun.  Also, it is important that your treatments take place at regular intervals in order to achieve good results. If regular treatments are not taken at recommended intervals, it will take longer to achieve optimum results.

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