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Most of our Aromatherapy Massage treatments are designed to be given using either a light to medium pressure, rather than a very firm pressure. However, our therapists have individual strengths and techniques which may accommodate the need for a firmer massage. If you prefer a firm massage but not quite a Sports Massage, please call us on 01234 721187 and we can advise which therapists will be the most appropriate for the pressure you like.
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The Retreat’s Signature 3 in 1 De-Stress Massage Treatment

Take time out for yourself to de-stress and rebalance with our 3 in 1 focused massage treatment. Release unwanted tension in your back, neck and shoulders with our aromatic blend of lavender, mandarin and sweet orange oils. Coconut oil is trickled onto the scalp to nourish and condition followed by a soothing leg massage.  

from £38.00
Aromatherapy Massage

Choose from a blend of oils for your massage and personalise your treatment from our menu of Add Ons.  Available as 30 mins for back, neck & shoulders, 1 hour for full body massage and 75 mins for full body with conditioning scalp massage and aromatic face massage.

Indian Head Massage

This includes the use of a conditioning massage oil for the scalp.  However, if you prefer a dry treatment, just ask your therapist.

from £39.00
Eve Taylor Warm Balm Aroma Massage

Using medium massage pressure, this treatment is designed to relax and soothe the body and mind.  At the same time, your skin will be rehydrated and conditioned leaving it feeling smooth and supple once more.

Indonesie Ancestrale Face & Body Massage (Oct 2020)

New for Oct 2020.  Aromatic essences of Jasmine & Sandalwood envelope your senses in a warm, heavenly massage treatment.  Drift off to another place and allow yourself a chance to relax and recharge just for an hour.  Self care at its best.

from £42.50
Aromatic Hot Stone Massage

Soothing, warming and just what you need for cooler months.  Relaxes tension from muscles allowing a deeper massage experience.


Sport and Deep Tissue Massage is provided at both practices by Jorjie Laurence of Green Lotus Sport Therapies.

Through repetitive movement patterns common in sports or through direct trauma, scar tissue develops within the muscles. Sports massage and other soft tissue mobilisation techniques can help realign any scar tissue or fibrous adhesions present within the muscles and encourage nutrition to the surrounding tissues. This not only aids recovery but also acts as a preventative measure in reducing the risk of further injury to the area.

Non sports-related benefits

Sports and remedial massage is not only for athletes. Anyone can benefit from a treatment. For example, it can be very effective for those who have been sitting with poor posture behind a desk all day or for those that get frequent headaches.

Everyday our working lives can have a negative impact on our bodies. We are meant to be active, not sitting or standing in the same position for a number of hours at a time. These long periods of time can cause postural imbalances and weakening of muscles.

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30 Minutes

Follow Up Treatment

1 Hour


Reflexology, Swedish and other Holistic Massage Treatments are provided by Justine Hubbard of Blessed Bee Holistic Therapies at The Retreat.

Justine is a dedicated massage therapist, providing treatments including Swedish, where the firmness may be varied to your requirements, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology and a Natural Face Lift Massage.  Details of the Natural Face Lift Massage may be found under our Face & Eyes Section, Facials.

Note:  Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massage prices are the same as The Retreat’s treatment prices above.

Treatment Pricing

from £33.00
Swedish Massage

The firmness of this classic massage treatment may be adapted to your needs.


An ancient art of massage using the meridian points on the feet.  1 hour’s treatment

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