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The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying... oh wait! I have gels!
Our manicures and pedicures feature classic OPI ProSpa products and techniques in a condensed service that doesn't sacrifice on a premier experience. We also have a Feet Rescue Treatment which takes the experience to a much more luxurious feet conditioning level! Perfect for when your feet are going to be out on show at any time!
The Retreat



Cuticles are tidied, nails are filed and a single colour paint is applied according to your choice from our extensive collection of gels and lacquers.  It’s all you really need in a manicure!

Express Pedicure

A quick treatment for perfectly pretty toes!  Available in gel or polish finish.

Feet Rescue Treatment (with Polish or Gel Finish)

If your feet are looking a little neglected, this treatment is the one!  Includes exfoliation treatment, moisturising mask to nourish dry skin and foot massage,  Available as a gel or polish treatment.

Callus Peel Hard & Dry Skin Removal Treatment

If you suffer with very hard or dry skin on your feet (typically the heels and balls of the feet) this treatment will help reduce the problem and in some cases eliminate it.  Using fruit acids, this treatment softens and treats very hard skin, enabling your therapist to remove much more than through standard filing. 

Add On Only: Gel Removal

This service only available for gels applied at The Retreat.  Due to time constraints post lock down, this service is only available when added to another treatment of 30 minutes or more.  Alternatively, you are welcome to purchase a Gel Removal Kit for Home.

Please note:  Treatment timings are approximate.  Some nail treatments may take less time, particularly the express treatments, depending on the work to be done each time.

Some gels require much harsher methods than we are happy to use at The Retreat.  For this reason, we will only remove gels which were applied at The Retreat, to ensure that we can remove them safely and effectively.

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