New Treatment?  New Product?

New Treatment? New Product?


I’m often asked questions such as “Why don’t you use product “X” in your treatments?  Everyone else does and it’s really cheap!” or “This treatment is everywhere now and sooo popular!  Are you going to be doing it here?”.

With new products and new treatments coming out all the time, it’s hard to know which ones are great and which are not so great, and I have a real problem in selling something that I just don’t believe in!  So before I introduce anything to the Retreat, whether it’s a new treatment or a new product, I research heavily and have a check list of things I’m looking for.

  1.  Is there a need for it?  Have I really identified that there’s a gap in our treatment or product range that really needs to be filled?  Just being the latest fad doesn’t really cut it for me.  Fashions come and go, but great skin care is forever!
  2. What are the ingredients?  I get sent products to trial all the time, in the hope that I’ll take them on to be sold or used at The Retreat.  And you’d probably be amazed at how many times I’ve asked for a true ingredients list to find they don’t really appear to know what’s in it!  Each product must have this list but it’s amazing how many product reps haven’t a clue.  If they don’t know, I start to worry as it means it’s not that important to them.
  3. Are the  ingredients “clean”?  I know that not every product can be completely natural (and don’t forget, just because something is natural, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be allergic to it!) but I try to ensure that we have pretty clean products used, to minimise the chance of any allergic reactions.  This may often mean that the products we purchase are not as cheap as some on the market, but I check for known allergens.  A good example of this is in Gel Polishes.  There are some VERY cheap gels out on the market right now, but if I told you that I check for DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde together with the level of HEMA content, I’m guessing that most wouldn’t know to look for these when choosing a nail colour of choice.  These are all pretty nasty chemicals to have near the skin and, although it’s hard to get around the HEMA content, you can keep this to a minimum.  Those that need pure acetone to remove are an absolute NO at The Retreat!
  4. Are the products cruelty free?  This is a no brainer!  If they can’t say they are, then I have no place for them at The Retreat!
  5. Are the products vegan?  This is a growing trend and I’m happy to say that a high percentage of our products are now vegan.  There are a couple of products that can not claim to be completely vegan as they are produced in a factory which does not have a vegan certificate and are therefore not able to be labelled as such.
  6. Does it or do they actually work?  Once through the above, it’s testing time!  The only way to truly test something is to trial it yourself!  The product and treatment companies do their own testing but I am a firm believer that the best way to understand how it works is to try it yourself.  Staff, close friends and I regularly test products over a period of time to check the claims.  Again, if they don’t work, they don’t get into The Retreat!
  7. Price Point – Does it offer good value for money?  That doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be cheap, but it does need to be cost effective.  Spending £10 on a cream that you have to use lots of for an ok result may not be as cost effective as using a cream which costs more but you don’t need to use a lot to get really great results.  This also applies for treatments.  The true cost of a treatment includes using extremely high standards of hygiene and equipment to ensure your safety.

There are a few more areas I consider before taking something new on, but these are the main ones.  So the next time you see a treatment somewhere, perhaps gel nails for £5, you might want to consider how they can get to that price.  To borrow a phrase from a well known brand, “Aren’t you worth it?” to make sure you receive the very best care for your skin?  We think you are!