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Seasonal Skin Care

Seasonal Skin Care

Living in the UK means we get to experience all the seasons as they change.  Although I very much appreciate the beauty of this, it does play havoc with my skin, as it does for many people.
Your skin may feel tighter and drier than normal as the Summer gives way to Winter.  If you suffer with acne, your skin may become more inflamed with the changes in the weather.
Dermatologists will tell you that your skin likes consistency of temperature and conditions.  So, if you notice you have a few issues with the changes in the weather, then it’s time to consider how to alleviate those problems.
Keep an eye on your skin and, when you notice it becoming a bit of a problem, just have a chat with your therapist.  The chances are that it won’t need much to help it to be balanced again.  If your skin is dry, it may be as simple as using a slightly heavier moisturiser in colder weather, something that can protect against the elements and pollution.